Capturing Love in the Heart of London: Tatiana Tarasovskaya Wedding Photography

Welcome to the enchanting world of Tatiana Tarasovskaya, where wedding photography is an art form. With a rich history of capturing love stories in Ukraine, the UK, and around the globe, I bring over 15 years of passion and expertise to elevate your London wedding experience.

Why Choose Tatiana Tarasovskaya Photography for Your London Wedding?

International Expertise:

With a portfolio spanning Ukraine, the UK, and various destinations worldwide, I bring a unique and diverse perspective to your London wedding.


Passion for Beauty:

I don't just capture moments; I create beauty. Every shot is an artistic expression, highlighting the elegance and romance of your special day.


15+ Years of Excellence:

Trust in my experience. Over the past 15 years, I've perfected the art of wedding photography, ensuring that each image tells a story as timeless as your love.


London's Timeless Backdrop:
Imagine your love story against the iconic backdrop of London – from the historic charm of Westminster to the modern allure of the Shard. I know the city's hidden gems, ensuring your wedding album is a masterpiece.

Services offered:

Engagement Sessions: Embrace the magic of your engagement with a personalised photoshoot in London's most picturesque locations.


Full-Day Coverage: From the anticipation of the morning to the joyous celebration at night, every moment is captured with precision and artistry.


Destination Wedding Expertise: Planning a destination wedding in London? I specialise in making your dream celebration a reality.


Client Testimonials:
                          "Tatiana's artistry goes beyond photography. 

                            She has an extraordinary ability to capture

                            the emotions and essence of the moment.

                            Our London wedding was made timeless

                            through her lens."

                                                                 - Emma & James -

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