Wedding Photography in Cotswold: Preserving Your Love Story

Welcome to the heart of Cotswold's most cherished celebrations! As a seasoned wedding photographer, I specialise in immortalising love stories against the picturesque backdrop of Cotswold's stunning landscapes and timeless charm.

About Cotswold Weddings:

Nestled amidst the enchanting beauty of Cotswold, your wedding deserves to be captured in its purest form. From the rolling hills to the quaint villages, each corner holds the promise of a breathtaking shot that encapsulates your romance.

Why Choose Tatiana Tarasovskaya Photography for Your Cotswold Wedding?


Tailored Artistry:

Each click is a brushstroke painting your unique love narrative. I tailor my craft to reflect your style, preferences, and the essence of your relationship, ensuring every image tells your story authentically.


Expertise in Cotswold's Beauty:

With years of experience in Cotswold, I know its hidden gems and ideal spots, ensuring your wedding album showcases the region's unparalleled beauty.


Professionalism and Reliability:

Rest assured, I handle every detail meticulously. From planning to execution, I am committed to providing a seamless and stress-free photography experience.



                                         Services offered:

Engagement Shoots:

Embrace the prelude to your wedding with a captivating engagement session amid Cotswold's scenic landscapes.


Full-Day Coverage:

From the morning preparations to the final dance, I am there to capture every fleeting emotion and candid moment.


Album Design:

Your memories deserve the finest presentation. I craft exquisite albums, ensuring your story is preserved elegantly for generations to come.



What it feels like to hire Tatiana for your Cotswold Wedding?


We are so thankful that Tatiana was part of our big day. She is an amazing photographer with thousands of ideas and an eye for details. We enjoyed our wedding shooting a lot. It was amazing to get some of the great shots already couple of weeks after the wedding. Now we got all the photos and we love all of them!  
Apart from the professionalism she is an incredibly warm-hearted person! It felt like we have known each other for years.


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